How it works
DocMeet is essentially a telemedicine service which brings doctors and patients under one platform for remote medical advice.
We provide
1. Email consultation
2. Phone Consultation
3. Video Consultation
4. Premium Consultation

This is how our system works
The user visits the site
The user selects the right mode of consultation as per their choice and pays for the service
Then the user is directed to a Medical Query form which is mandatory to fill up
Here the user can choose flexible consultation date and time
The user posts his current medical problems and medical questions
Uploads Prescriptions or medical records if any
Uploads radiology reports if any
The Specialty Doctor gets all the information, studies them and confirms appointment time
The user gets a phone call and an email from DocMeet confirming appointment time
Doctor either sends an email back or calls and consults over phone or both the patient and the doctor does the consultation through live video conferencing
Doctor will send a detailed report to the patient.
In case of premium consultation a team of 2-3 doctors checks the reports and gives a combined opinion
1 FREE follow up within 7 days by the doctor
Absolute Secrecy and privacy of all medical records and phone number maintained.

Benefits of using DocMeet
1. Can save precious time, energy and resources while they can take consultations from specialist doctors from the comfort of their home
2. Rural and people from suburbs also gets access to specialist doctors using our telemedicine service
3. Users can access our doctors even when they are traveling
4. Elderly patients no longer will need to travel to doctors office, instead they can get healthcare and advice right at home
5. Telemedicine is an extremely cost-effective method of care.
1. Doctors can forget boundaries and can treat patients from varied geographical locations and also reach to rural patients who can benefit from their expertise.
2. Can consult and attract International patients thus improving Medical tourism.
3. Earn handsome money for providing tele-consults.
4. Doctors can save time traveling between facilities to see patients, increasing their productivity and improving their quality of life.