Benefits of Meditation - Some Facts

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Benefits of MeditationIn the recent times due to massive lifestyle changes, junk food habits and stress at workplace and home many people are becoming fat and are becoming obese. Obesity is a major problem worldwide and as a reason many associated diseases are also creeping in from the back and many people are becoming at the risk of heart diseases and other cardiovascular problems, stomach problems etc. Doctors are making people increasingly cautious about the extra thick waistline and the problems associated with it. With these problems on the rise more and more multigyms are cropping up and also weight loss centers with laser and other clinics with liposuction and bariatric surgeries. The above ways of fat reduction are often not natural and most of the time have side effects and also this fat tend to come back because the person generally doesnot change any lifestyle habits and continues to have the same food which are laden with fat and so the fat creeps back, and before you know you are fat again. Below are suggested some of at home exercises, food habits and small details which if kept in mind and done properly then will make you lose weight, feel lighter and have more energy and vitality.

  1. Eat Small meals: Donot eat with your stomach full every time. It is highly advisable that you eat small amounts frequently. This improves the BMR rate and helps for better metabolism and thus helps you to lose weight.
  2. Have a healthy balanced diet at home. Have more green vegetables, fruits and other foods with high protein and low carbohydrate content. High carbohydrate in your blood not only increases weight but also heightens blood pressure and blood sugar.
  3. While eating fruits and vegetables wash them thoroughly under water or keep them in water for 10-20 mins. This helps to get rid of poisonous pesticides and thus helps you to fight weight loss and other dreaded diseases.
  4. Drink lots of water. It is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily and more. Water helps you to wash away the harmful plaques and fat depositions in your blood, improves blood circulation and vitality and helps to lose weight automatically.
  5. Drink Green tea. Green tea is a very good supplement for easy weight loss and it helps you to lose weight.
  6. Warm water slightly and then add honey and lemon to it and drink it first thing in the morning, which will help you to lose weight.
  7. Curd made at home helps you to lose weight if taken regularly, but sweet curd increases weight, so restrain from that.
  8. Natural scents like lavender if sprayed on pillows helps people to have sound sleep and longer undisturbed sleep cycles which promotes weight loss.
  9. If you spray scents like jasmine at home like, a jasmine scented candle or perfume then it gives you more energy and vitality and helps you to stay engaged and lose weight.
  10. Do simple work at home. Take the duster and do the dusting at least once a week.
  11. At least once a week wash your own clothes.
  12. At least once a week mop the floor of your house yourself. His way you also make the house clean and keep yourself active and charged.

These simple lifestyle changes and food habits can definitely make you much fitter, and full of energy and once you start doing this, weight loss will have a compound effect and fat burning will happen fast. So do not delay and start today! Contact "Meet Physicians" for more information.

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